1.0.25 firmware update - Stuttering

Curious to know if this update will fix the stuttering that occurs when streaming content from YouTube as well. Compared to streaming to the chrome cast, the internal YouTube app has a noticeable stutter.

Additionally, when the update is sent can you also include a link to the direct file? I had trouble updating from the servers last time and needed to try the update link multiple times.

Looking forward to the next update.


I just check for an update and it doesn’t show that there is an update. I have 1.0.24

Check your email. The new update isn’t out until the end of the week at the earliest.

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Haha, The entire email had not loaded. Thanks bud.

YouTube is replaced with SmartYouTube open source app that also lets you login to your YouTube account. I think you’ll like it.

For offline update, please check this post: How to do offline software update?


Open-source applications are the future of our “android-boxes” and I think that ppm is no exception to the rule.

SmartYouTube is a really good app !

I hope that Philips will find and implement other applications of this kind, as an alternative to the official applications, often too poorly optimized.


As a I don’t have many android devices I’d be curious to know: when the YouTube app is replaced does that also change the application that receives the hand off from my phone when selecting ‘cast to ppm’ or will that option require that SmartYoutube to be open and operating on the ppm. One of the nice thing about casting to the projector was being able to switch methods on the fly. Example being when you have guests over and people are sharing different content to the screen. Flipping between screen mirroring, casting, Netflix etc.

No issues anymore on Youtube :slight_smile:

@PhilipsNono, Are you meaning no more issues using the original YouTube app or SmartYouTube app? Fixed in 1.0.25?

Hello, in fact we removed Youtube and use only SmartYoutube which is faster, same UI as Youtube TV and you can login inside


Hi! What you describe works just as you expect. SmartYouTubeTV supports linking with YouTube app on your phone via WiFi or via TV code. Once linked, there’s no need to keep it open, you can use another app and still cast from your phone. After you disconnect, the previous app comes back. You can also mirror via AirPlay at the same time.

Have you tested the max resolution and fps when cast content from phone? Upgraded to 1.0.25 but still very choopy.

everytime i open the youtube app it asks if i want to update the it… should i click yes?

I was having issues with prime video app in 1.0.25 also stuttering. A factory reset improved both Kodi and prime video app performance. VLC was never affected, haven’t tried any other apps today.

Upgraded to v25 and then Factory reset.
Still stutter when streaming in YouTube

Yes you can update it. Only Netflix is a no go.

Overall, It’s better than it was. I also see stuttering in the YouTube app. The Netflix app has greatly improved but still will hiccup a dozen or so times in a film. Colors are much better but like all projectors night scenes are tough to display like you are at the theatre.

Having issues with Netflix still, after updating the new firmware. Getting the below error message. Does anyone have the same issue?