1.0.26 & what’s next

So I realize that the factories are closed till 8 February but I presume you can still update us on what’s going on software and product wise. Please let us on how far you’ve gotten along the process of developing the next firmware, autofocus issue fixes, unexpected features or other technical developments. I miss some of the more technical updates from the past few weeks. @PhilipsEngineering @PhilipsNono

What do you think, @Hobbes @SchmuFoo @wernerj @Vin @Julius

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We’re now working on the following software features for 1.0.26:

  • EasySetup app to easily pair the AirMote, setup time zone, WiFi etc.
  • Colour adjustment app - adding safe limits and remembering the settings
  • Battery percentage display
  • Low battery warning
  • WiFi status display on home screen

The following are dependent on the systems team in China which due to holidays is on hold:

  • Low battery pop up while using other apps
  • showing color adjustment as overlay on top of content
  • adaptive fan speed
  • presets for 4-corner correction

… among others.


Thanks for thr update Philips. I like you’ve taken into account a lot of what the community was talking about and seems most desirable.

So I guess we’ll see 1.0.26 after the Chinese New Year or you’ll try to deliver those in two releases?


Hi @Binay_Shrestha , there are two other threads for that. It’s not the topic of this one. Can you please use one of the others?

  1. What happened to Australia?
  2. Australia & New Zealand

Hi, please look into the airplay mirroring. It cannot play 1080p videos properly. super laggy. For the youtube app, there is a prompt to update… should I update? Netflix is good at 1080p but the UI would need improvement. Also is it possible to pause a movie and change the color settings on the spot without going back to settings menu? Thanks!


Could you update the netflix app UI in 1.0.26?

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presets for 4-corner correction, does it mean it could be used in the HDMI/Type C input?

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Think of it as an „Different Room Settings Mode“

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Is it possible to get manual vertical keystone in the .26 release?


No they have started many times that this can’t be done. It is a hardware issue and not software 4 corner correction over HDMI / USB-c won’t ever be possible with this device.

What they mean is if you tend to use the PPM in multiple rooms but it is always in the same place when using Android you would be able to create the 4 corner correction and then save it. So if for your living room it is always off to the left on a table you can save that setup instead of always having to go through the 4 corner correction everytime you put it in your living room. You would be able to create multiple rooms or profiles and make it easier to move it around when on wifi.

@PhilipsEngineering On a software note it would be great if we can pair the 4 corner correction with the color adjustments that are coming so that you can create a profile per room


I think you mean horizontal keystone cannot be done. However vertical keystone can be done. Right now its automatic. Just asking for manual controls on it. @PhilipsEngineering mention in the other thread that it was inadvertently taken out and that they will add it back in

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I was responding to yim68’s question you are correct they did say that manual verticle keystone can be done but needs to be re-added.

Yep that’s definitely something that would be great, also making sure that the processing is completely turned off (for a 1:1 pixel mapping) when V keystone is disabled.

This is probably One of the most expected feature (+color adjustments as overlay +adaptative fan speed)

What are the chances to get this update (with or without the Chinese system team) soon?
I volunteer to be a beta tester if any!

To be honest if the color issue is not solved in the next 2 or 3 weeks, I will be forced to send my ppm back and ask for a refund. I’m really hoping to avoid this…

Thanks for the update.

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Hi @BigFares, sometime this week the beta testers will get the adjustment app. If you’ve not done so, please sign up here: Join the beta testers list

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@PhilipsEngineering When can we expect 1.0.26 in Production? Thx!

Last week Feb, assuming our China team comes back to office next week.


Any chance of you preloading a working version of HBO?

What about a possiblity to trigger Focus Lock Quickly from autofocus menu and Display 24HR time without seconds!

Then there are some DRM problems With some apps and Airplay2/ChromeCast

How long you plan to improve software of the PPM? I mean fix bugs and add new features.