1.0.26 - Youtube DRM, Netflix and Prime Video issues

Here are my feedback on 1.0.26

Need clarification of how to handle default apps and how to get them to work!

Ok, external HDMI works fine!
Apple TV, Chromcast Ultra Tested.

Bluetooth connection used from Apple TV for audio output. Audio jack needed to be used for HDMI devices as Projector Blutooth output is not supported for HDMI input! (Known limit of PPM)

Apple TV is best HDMI device to be used as it delivers way better experience with it’s Apps compared with the PPM ones that all have various issues with full HD output and DRM playback!

Did try the latest update 1.0.26 and reset’ed projector to factory default, didn’t accept updates on the onboard App’s as it has been recommended not to be done due to breaking Apps!?

PPM onboard Youtube won’t play DRM content (Bought Or Rented movies wont play)
Still you can login and watch other stuff.

PPM onboard Netflix works but i think it don’t output Full HD (Apple TV 4 on HDMI looks way better), if you download movies they seems only be downloaded in SD quality for offline playback.

PPM onboard Prime Video, seems to have login issues! Didn’t get past the login screen.
(Gave up on that one after a number of times.)

So there are alot to be fixed on the software side for Philips, on good thing is playback of videos on USB and Memory card works great!

I just noticed that projector is dimmed more when running on batteries, but when on powersupply it’s way brighter on same settings (fan speed is consistet slow)
If i change to normal while on battery fan noise is way higher, think fan speed settings must be corrected in the next firmware also.

Other anoying things Image is micro auto adjusting image some times even if projector isn’t moved! There should be an easy way to toggle on/off adjustments, brightness when using HDMI input!

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Have you tried this workaround to improve the internal picture quality? Netflix does work in FHD on mine. Also, I think there’s a settings to downloads videos on Netflix with the max quality your subscription allows.

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I agree. Netflix in AppleTV via HDMI is way better quality than the PPM built-in Netflix app. Why is that!!???

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sadly mainly all kinds of image from HDMI is much better than from built-in OS

Netflix in ppm still HD 1080p but lack a certain umph. Subtitles lacks the 50% opacity background like the one in AppleTV. Not complaining or anything… It’s still HD. And I can watch Netflix in ppm when I go abroad in my hotel room.

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