24 hour clock instead of AM/PM

I want an English interface but a 24 hour clock on the screen, no AM/PM .
When I switch to Nederlands (Dutch) I get a worse clock, with annoying seconds and different aligned every second. Other languages the same problem.
So, make time display better and separate from language.

This is a problem with many software and appliances. Location =/= language =/= currency =/= localisation.

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I agree, 24 hour clock option please!

Have you tried in the android system settings?
Settings >> About Press Software Version repeatedly until a menu on the right appears.
I believe I saw a 24-hours settings there but I am not sure if it will take effect on Philips launcher.

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You found a hidden setting! But it does not work, the 24 hours option shows also the seconds, that is not desired.
To get to these options you have to open the options, projector settings, about and then scroll 1 down to software version. If you press 5 times ok a settings menu appears, where you can set various options, like app permissions.
5 clicks on launcher version gives also a hidden menu, like a factory test. My chinese is very bad, so I cannot do much with that.

The archaic AM/PM time offends my OCD sensibilities…

I thought Philips Screeneo was a European company?

Whoops, I didn’t realize it is a duplicate:

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Hello all, this feature is now implemented and will be available in software update v1.1.0. You can click on the clock to switch between 24-hour format, and the native format for your chosen language.

Note that this is only really relevant if you have English language selected on your projector, since that sets the time display format to English (US), which uses 12-hour format.

For other languages, the default time display format may already be 24-hour, in which case this toggle will have no effect.


This suggestion was implemented. Please review Software Update v1.1.0 is available now.

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