3D model for creating a bed

I would like a “bed” for my projector (if it ever arrives). That way I can always just lay it down and aspects and distance and everything will be perfect for my screen. Is there a 3D model of the projector somewhere, or does anybody have access to 3D scanner? I just need the underside, and I will print it out on my 3D printer. I will put it up on Thingiverse.


Google photogrammetry - it’s 3d scanning with ordinary camera. But probably you’ll need to mat temporary underside of your projector


Cool, thanks. Will check it out.

I also want a 3dmodel dummy file of the projector
But philips did not want to lease it because of cooywrite

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It should be easy to model if someone took 4 pics from each side at exactly perpendicular angle.

Check it out, pretty cool.


The surface of the ppm is really reflective, not the best for photogrammetry.
However you don’t need to set the position of the ppm so precisely, focus will be OK in as several cm range I think…

You are correct about the reflective surface. Some tape will resolve that. Also, after all I have read here, I will definitely use manual keystone and such.

COULD YOU PLEASE SHARE 3D FILE OF PPM AND REMOTE i wish to work on 3d printed case .and one where i can put nintendo switch and ppm with game and cable all sorted out and ready to play and pack away in a second

Then people could share their creation.

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This would be good. More people can make and share accessories for this, more exposure this product will have.

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They could change just a few thing dont care if its not the accurate version.as long as it can fit .if not we gonna have to wait for someobe talented here