3d printed support for tilted ceiling

Hello, I guess there are a lot of tinkerers around here…
I designed my own support for the ppm. Instead of using a 1/4" screw I decided to design a slot-in piece that works fine with the support included in the ppm package, so that I did not need extra parts.
I think it’s even better than a screw support, you can attach and detach the ppm really quickly from the ceiling: you just slide it in and when it’s in place it falls down by 3mm and it sits there, no way to fall off.
My ceiling is 30° inclination so this design matches my specific needs.
Probably pictures explain better… I attach also the .stl. It prints easily with no support material.

I see that this forum doesn’t allow to load .stl files. I uploaded it on Thingverse, it should be available as soon as the project is approved: PicoPix max (beamer) tilted ceiling support by supevito - Thingiverse


Nice that’s dope

Thank you Sir! Is that a Markforged printer you are using?

it’s a Prusa mk2s

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Thats kool @Vito_Darpaki ! Do you have any files for bed clamp mount as well?

something like this

Unfortunately not, because in my bed above my head I have just the ceiling and no place to clamp the ppm :slight_smile:


it mounts like this