3rd party OS development?

Well… the continued silence and IVO’s post of staff leaving, indicates certainly to me, that those in the Screeneo Ivory towers, have kicked us to the kerb along with not supporting their own teams to fullfill their own BS software promises such as Sonos, Philips Hue support and others.

A pretty bold sweeping statement, but from experience, this happens alot - no money in free updates, so bye bye.

I do want to personally thank those such as IVO, Nono and the other forum guys for genuinely being passionate about this little PPM, and trying to go above beyond.

While laying in the bath (oh yes…) I wondered what the group would think about donating funds to some very clever person to extend the life of internal OS? We’ve seen that the full Google TV can be got working, but its not elegant, but frankly id have more faith in a passionate non-philips/screeneo dev. than ive currently got in the official support.

What do you guys think?

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Great idea, not sure if it’s feasible since that would require Screeneo to open-source some things such as the firmware, drivers, etc. Personally I believe the device is capable of a lot more than we’re currently seen, and would the perfect platform to develop more functionality on top of it.