4CC as an automatic process?

Dear Philips,

Thaks for the last update! I prefer to receive a top quality product so I am not complaining and wait patiently.
Only one question: could it be possible in the future ( by software updates) to make the 4CC for internal content automatic?
Right now what I checked it is a manual process.


That would be very difficult without a 2D time-of-flight sensor or similar distance metering. The camera won’t help there. No ToF sensor found on the board.

Camera can take a photo each 5 seconds and compare it to previous one. If rectangle of image is incorrect - run 4cc.

The main issue is that from the perspective of the camera it’s going to look square. You need a camera from the viewer’s point of view to correct the 4CC if I’m not mistaken.


Actually, if you project a (perfect) circle onto the wall, it will become an ellipse if not projected from center perspective. That could easily be exploited for 4CC using the built-in camera.

You mistaken. It also will be not a square.

Is there even a projector that does this?
It’s definitely useful but might be too complex and costly to implement.

I dont think it is that complex. Some digital image processing and coordinate transformations (ellipse to circle).

Yes, the square might become a trapezoid/parallelogram which can also be exploited to transform back to a square as part of the automatic 4CC.

That’s interesting! It seems like Android can’t access the auto focus camera images. Would love to see a proof of concept of this.