4K setting for PS5

Hi All,

Has anyone got the best setting for the U5 and PS5 to support 4K?

My U5 keeps saying the connected device doesn’t support 4K when connected to PS5 via the hdmi cable that came with the console. Somehow my another android tv box can set it up to 2160… Any suggest please?

Many Thanks.

From a PC, you have a problem if your graphics card does not support 4k output. Not sure if PS5 itself supports 4k? But I also found the U5 does a quite decent job of upscaling HD (1920x1080), so you should be OK at that. Finally, on my PC RTX3060 that does support 4k output I successfully connected by HDMI to U5 at UHD (4k) HOWEVER, I could not get any HDR (extended color space) output to work.

Hi Teddy,

I am having a similar issue too, but it is on and off… the PS5 sometime displays in 1080p and sometimes in HDR10 UHD.

While this doesn’t sound right, have you try

  • Ensure both U5 and PS5 are turn Off
  • Turn on the PS5 and wait until it turn solid white
  • Tuen on U5, and switch the input to the PS5 connection

Hi, if you are sure that all HDMI cable support 4K, you may want to try setting the HDMI settings fix to 2.0 or 2.1 instead of auto.

For me two things were problem:

  1. all connect via my Denon and one cable wasn’t ‚high speed hdmi’ only one.
  2. I had to enable HDMI 2.1 via 4K HDMI setup to Advanced HDMI input/output.
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