4k via HDMI question

Hi, does anyone with a PPM know if you plug amazon 4k firestick or a nvidia shield in HDMI, and if you launch Amazon Prime, does it play the 4k/UHD version?

My use case is Nvidia Shield -> Onkyo Receiver -> PPM. I’m looking to get Atmos Sound, however in Amazon Prime Atmos is only available in their 4k /UHD source. So i was hoping the Shield would detect PPM as a 4k input source.

Is anyone able to test this?

PPM HDMI port is only hdmi 1.4
You can input 4k but you will have some limitation on the frame rate.

As the Onkyo amp is decoding the sound it shouldn’t be a problem. I have 4K Bluray player -> Amp -> 1080 tv so that I can have Atmos, and it works fine. Either the BD player or amp handles the 1080 scaling from 4K.

I too can play 4k blu-ray to amp to 1080p tv. Problem is with the Nvidia shield (or any media box). If it does not detect a 4k tv, you cannot output the shield in 4k. So shield to Onkyo to 1080p tv will not play 4k sources from Amazon prime. Was hoping the ppm would detect as the ppm as a 4k source which would require the ppm to support some downscaling. Maybe it’s wishfully thinking.

The PicoPix Max does accept 4K input, but it’s downscaled to 1080p before being displayed. Over HDMI, it is advertised as a 1080p projector, not as a 4K projector.

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Thanks for the response Prashant. So to clarify, if a shield or Amazon fire TV is plugged into the ppm, I can select the output as 4k on the shield, but the ppm will downscale to 1080 via HDMI?

What are the exact EDID capabilities being advertised over HDMI/USB-C, are there any 4k modes listed at all (like 4k24p or 4k/30p)? If not the Shield most definitely will not see it as a 4k sink. The only other option is having a receiver containing a scaler capable of handling 4k input (adding those modes to the EDID it presents) and then output 1080p video to the PPM.

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You can’t select 4K output. I tried earlier with my PC. Only 1080p.

Thanks for the confirmation! i may look to get a 4k to 1080p downscaler then.

Why would you? You can simple put the shield in 1080p?

Amazon f.e. don’t provide you Dolby Atmos Audio when no 4K TV/Projector is used :-/

This is a pretty stupid marketing move from Amazon, though. I don’t see why a 1080p display should do the downscaling from 4k, when it could be done much better at the source

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Ok, make sense. Although it is really weird they indeed only support it with 4k…

I think they just took a shortcut, all the bells and whistles vs “regular” stream. I agree that video should be separate from audio but not sure they can deal with separate sources for each stream.

Fyi, I ended finding a solution. I’m getting Atmos out of Amazon prime while using a 1080p tv / projector. With this device you can set the eid to 4k (which is required for Atmos) then it downscaler the output to 1080p. So I have shield to reciever to this device to a 1080p tv.

HDMI Splitter 1x2 4K 60Hz 4:4:4, HDR Dolby Vision HDCP 2.2,HDMI Scaler 4K 1080P Work Together,Firmware Upgrade,Dolby Atmos,DTS:X,Dual HDMI2.0 Splitter 1 in 2 Out,Cascade,USB Power,Mini Size https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07TVSBL7H/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_Aq3iEb20PMA8J


That scaler seems to contain an interesting chip. The description “hints” at features that probably shouldn’t be advertised. I need to order one of those, thanks for the link!

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Betting a beer or two that the chip will have all the markings sanded off. Fascinating way to advertise the features you get with the “upgraded” firmware.

One of those times when disabling things is a feature :slight_smile:
Somebody dumpster dived and “found” a bunch of chips that happened to be provisioned with HDCP2.2 keys? Handy none the less as long as it lasts.

which HDMI cable do you have?

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