A dramatic recreation of my interactions with Ivo

Credit to Viva la Dirt League… also no hard feelings @PhilipsIvo :stuck_out_tongue:


Only thing is that this is a salesperson deliberately misleading the customer.

I on the other hand am a fellow backer who was approached by Philips Projection and hired to help them out in their crowdfunded campaign which was hit with delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on the production and delivery logistics of the projectors.
And while the news delivered and your reaction to it may have been the same as in this clip, my intention and motivation most definitely are not.

But thanks for sharing how you felt though. :grin:


I know mate :smiley: You’ve been very helpful (despite all the abuse from backers)! Was only joking


I don’t like this joke.

From a customers view the situation might be the same. But IvoG and his actions are more part of the solution than the problem. This joke suggest something else.

Without him the situation would not be better or maybe even worse. No need to personally attack or joke on him.


It is (and was clearly expressed to be) a joke… Certainly wasn’t a personal attack on @PhilipsIvo. Sorry it triggered you.

And… as with so much on the internet… If you don’t like it don’t watch it