A PPM Stand With Built In Exstra Battery Capacity To Prolong Of Grid Usage

This is more like an accessory feature suggestion. Just like some portable cameras etc. has an extra battery capacity built into the gimbal or their stand. I would very much like it if you could work on a stand for the PPM similar to the one it ships with, that has a built-in extra battery capacity and therefore would help prolong the use of the PPM at places where it isn’t connected to the electrical grid.

What’s the issue of just connecting a battery pack while it is on a stand?

agree on using a powerbank. But would there be some requirements?

There’s no issue at all, anyone is welcome to connect any power bank to the PPM that meets requirements. One could also argue why there is a battery built into the PPM, when a power bank could have been used instead.

Battery capacity in a similar PPM stand to the one who comes with it, It’s a feature suggestion for those who for various reasons wish to travel as light as possible. People who travel a great deal and already have to carry around lots of other things with them.

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