A year after the order

Dear Philips,

I would like to get an update on my support. Here a general overview of my frustations:

  1. Ordered on 09-2019 expected delivery: 11-2019
  2. 02-2019 Finally production starts, no update to any costumer when to expect the delivery
  3. 03-2019 Corona, factory shut down. Can not blame anyone for that
  4. 04-2019 Factories open. No communication from Philips to customers. Yeah an excel list and a hack to the sourcecode of indigogo to get your backer_id.
  5. 04-2019 Finally, an update on delivery, then DHL get package stuck in Germany for 30 days. Get a call, to make an appointment for delivery.
  6. 05-2019 Unboxing, picopix death on arrival, no adequate customer support. Happens that the wire is to short. ( Why extent the testing for 4 months in the first place? )
  7. 06-2019 Return to China
  8. 07-2019 Update on delivery, the package is at DHL, no communication at all when to expect the package
  9. 08-2019 Holidays. Package stuck in Germany.
  10. 09-2019 Update, package not stuck in Germany but on its way back to China. Communication with DHL, return to sender since I was on holiday. Why did they not make any appointment in the first place? No communication at all, no update on the delivery, nor a message that it was not delivered. Email to the support.
  11. Waiting now for 10 days to get support.

This project is the most frustrating project. It took me already1 10 hours to communicate.
@Philips_Support_T Please read the email in the support section.
I would like to receive the picopix. I am waiting for a full year with backer 6000-7000. The plastic light machine is on sale in NL, order today, receive tomorrow. Order in 2019, hope to get a working one in 2021.
I hope you can make me happy with the PicoPix somewhere this month, and put a nice bottle of your finest whine with it.

Yours sincerely,

A sad customer

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