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Hi Screeneo team! I’m happy user of the U4+80’ screen. I had waited to get & test these before ordering the U5 for another room. As a result, I’m not in the 1,000 initial backers to get the U5.

My question is about the 100’ screen option for the U5: for those that are not part of the first 1,000 list, will it still be possible to order it? Si there a way to secure one if some of the first 1,000 do no take it? Or should I start looking for an alternative?


Hi Team,

I just got the screeneo U5, I got 2 issues so far.

  1. I’m not able to use Netflix on the device. I downloaded Netflix from Google play, as soon as I open Netflix, it complains “this version of Netflix App is not compatible with your device(-13).” I tried with Netflix help center, they sent me an email with linkage of downloading the app, but I got no web browser on U5 to open my email… how can I get this resolved?

  2. When I connected my iPad to U5 via HDMI cable, the color shown on U5 is horrible, it is so orange, how can I resolve this?


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I use my Apple tv and load Netflix from there