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Hi, is there any way to find out when my unit is slated to arrive (I’m based in Singapore)? I’ll be travelling soon so want to make sure someone is around to receive it. Plus I’m excited to get it! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi. I am in EU (Denmark) with backer id 27xx. My status still says “Contribution Placed”. Question: Can this be correct? I would have expected that it would say “locked”. I completed the backerkit survey several month ago.

I am just afraid my order may be lost in the system …

Kind regards

I wouldn’t worry. Mine says same thing on indiegogo

But backerkit is up-to-date

Dear Philips,

Can you please post your delivery schedule for all regions?

I am more interested in the Africa Region.


Where is my item? Backer 16636

Hi , Im a backer from Dubai UAE. I want to know how long it will take to send the batch to UAE ? Screen Shot 2020-01-19 at 10.43.57 AM

I want to confirm when my shipment will be delivered, or if it ca n’t be delivered, please tell me, I’m in China! My email address is: info @ titianglasses

Can you please advice or confirm? I’ve posted this issue in the ‘shipping to Europe’-topic as well. I’m a backer since August, #3159. I was very excited all pledges up to #4188 were shipped to europe. I now see that my backerkit status is still not updated to shipped. Is this an administrative problem or is my pledge stil not shipped :flushed: ?

We just shipped 430 pieces to:

  • USA
    Factory are now closed and we will restart manufacturing on February the 8th. Our new factory is now fully prepared to maximise the quantities!
    We will keep you posted,

How can I apply to cancel my order and get a refund? I don’t want to be a part of this nightmare anymore.

When you will ship to saudi arabia contribution ~ 141xx ??

Required Estimated date only

When are you shipping to Aus/NZ? You claimed you were shipping 500-700 units prior to CNY to Aqua/NZ and your latest message has no mention of Aus/NZ. Can you stop lying and provide a clear strategy for shipping to your backers please.

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Hello it’s now the 21st January 2020 I’m in london still waiting for my projector checked backers and no update on shipping to the UK what is going on no updates nothing Philips you are a massive global company and you really have mucked this up not happy please respond urgently

Hi Philipps, I don’t have any news about my shipping and I don’t know where I have to search.
I’m #17639 on October 30, 2019.
Thanks to you

Bonjour, je n’ai toujours rien reçu concernant ma commande. Pouvez me répondre pour savoir où en est ma commande ?

Hi, I know the factory is closed until Feb the 8th, but do you have any idea how many units are left to ship to Europe, I’m backer number 11922 and just wanted to try to get some sort of indication on timeframes??



Hello, my contribution ID is 11281
When will you ship to Taiwan?


I am based in Hong Kong backer id 10681. When are you planning to start the shipping for HK? It was Oct then Dec finally before CNY. Where are we now please?

Hello there! My contribute ID is #16430.
I have changed my delivery address, but the backerkit has not been updated. Is there a change?