Adding files to SD on OSX

Could anyone tell me how to add files to a SD card using Mac OSX please?
I mounted the SD card last night and saw a folder hierarchy with - Android, then data and another folder (which I can’t remember what is was called)
I dragged the firmware update file into the Android folder and the Pico didn’t find it when I tried to manually update the firmware last night.
I’d also like to add some media files from my Mac to the SD card, so any advice would be appreciated.

Don’t drag your update file into the Android folder - the file should be in the root folder (i.e. the same level as the Android folder).

Make sure your Mac hasn’t automatically unzipped the file. You also need to rename the file as ‘’ for it to work.

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Got it
Is that the same for adding media too? Just drag onto the main folder showing as a mounted SD card?

Please also make sure that the card is formatted in a way that the PPM recognizes. This is especially important when using Macs, since those default to formatting with APFS or MacOS Extended. At least FAT32 should work.

As far as media is concerned, you can use folders if you want to. Those will show up in the file manager.

The card as delivered was recognised by the Pico and also mounts fine in OSX so I didn’t have to reformat it

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