Adjust video settings with hdmi inputs from the controller

Hello team

I use the picopix for a long time now and we still cannot adjust video parameters from the remote controller, we must go to the settings and there is just some background image to adjust the simple parameters as brightness and so on.

I almost never use the android features , mainly the hdmi input and it is complicated to go back and forth to the menus to check if the adjustments are correct.

Could you please deliver an update that allow changing settings on the picopix max while using hdmi inputs? And this in a simple way not using hidden menus

Most cheaper projectors and other picopix models (including the first one I owned ) have settings easily accessible from a basic remote, but here having to set it all in android is not a good experience, especially at this price point.

It is my honest feedback, by having a simpler experience this projector would be perfect. If i am not wrong the picopix max one has a simpler interface to adjust video settings, could the same one be used here ?

I wish you a good day and hope some improvements could be made in the future.