AirMote mouse mode not working

Hi there,

I received my projector last week. Everything is fine except the mouse mode of the Airmote remote control.

The remote is paired via bluetooth, and when I activate the mouse pointer, I can see it, but it walks straight to the top and then to the right. I think there’s something wrong with the builtin gyro.

The same happens when I pair the Airmote with my notebook.

I’m in contact with screeneo support, but they want me to send the whole projector back. Beside that I don’t want to wait for weeks or month to get it back I wonder if it is necessary? Wouldn’t it be just enough to change the Airmote? Everything else works fine!



Hello @andibraeu when you fill the return form, there is a step where you can indicate that you only need an accessory to be shipped, instead of returning the whole projector.

Please let us know if you have any problems while filling the form.