Airplay 2 and chromcast speakers

Hi. Two things i wondering about.

Is there any news on when the AirPlay 2 support MIGTH Come on the PPM?

Im running Google chromcast on the hdmi port and cant get sound out to bluetooth.

But is there anyone how knows if a chromcast supported speaker
( like the harman kardon citation )
Could i get wirless sound this way?

Don’t Know how this works, but i could connect the speaker in Google home app and pair with the chromecast that i have in the PPM?

Don’t Know if it sends the sound throu the wifi then?

Someone that knows more of this?

It’s being worked on, but no feedback from nor chasing after Apple recently.

Any speaker / sound system you want to use for the sound coming from any source connected to the HDMI (or USB-C) input of the PPM, has to either:

  1. connect to the headphone/line out jack on the PPM (either physically or by using a FM or BT transmitter),
  2. connect to the source player connected to the HDMI port (physically or wirelessly), or
  3. use a HDMI audio extractor / splitter to get the audio signal out of the source player’s feed.

I don’t have any experience with the Google devices you mention to be able to comment on those questions.