Airplay from apple device then Bluetooth the audio from the PPM


I have read countless threads to know more about all the connectivity related issues regarding audio and video possibilities.

…but before getting a bluetooth speaker for some usage, preparing my 5 Ghz network and getting an hdmi splitter with audio extractor for another usage with better sound and ability to play games, I think I got lost or missed one thing in my research, that I need to be sure about:

How about the situation when using airplay video file from my iPad (not being able to split A/V on it) and then transmitting audio over Bluetooth to my speaker from the PPM ?
Any lag issues to be aware of ?
Should I then look at a low latency bluetooth speaker in priority ?
Is there a kind of delay compensation system being applied using airplay like it seems to be with Netflix or Youtube ?

Indeed I plan to play movies from VLC app on iPad using bluetooth audio speaker for the most part.

Thanks for help

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I could not get it to work satisfactorily, the video just froze while the audio stuttered on via the BT speaker.

BUT… I was not in the vicinity of my 5GHz access point, which made the signal weaker for both my phone and my PPX, so that could very well be the source of that problem.

I’ll test it again tomorrow when I have both devices in my living room where my wireless access point is

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Oh ! I feel a bit more scared now since you mentionned “video froze”, because I had read Airplay scenario was actually working flawlesslyfor several users.
The only remaining doubt was regarding the audio side in the Airplay scenario but anyway, that’s awesome to get an answer from you.

Looking forward to reading you after you run your test again with the 5GHz access point.

(Can’t wait to receive my PPM !!)

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