Alternative Home Launcher

Hey All,

Has anyone played with any alternative launchers? I’ve been using, and happy with, ATV Launcher Pro with a different Pico projector.

All this fuss about such a terrible UI, has anyone tried different Launchers?

One neat trick ATV Launcher has was it revealed the original Android Settings app/pane so I could tinker under the hood, outside of the manufacturer UI.

Edit: to be clear, I do not have my PPM yet, I only backed it last week. I’m expecting the revised PPM2 in 2021 with the new 4K chip, dual 10W speakers with dual 4” passive subwoofers, 14hr LiPo battery, Qi charging, 5” OLED touchscreen, 10Bar internal pump with Super fine/Fine and corse grind options with milk steamer.

I haven’t tried yet because I’m worried it’ll break my PPM (although that’s not likely to happen :sweat_smile:

But on my previous projector, I used Simple TV Launcher which i think works well and configurable enough.

The default launcher looks fine but very basic in terms of features.

Just bumping this up to see if anyone has tried an alternative launcher yet? I just received my PPM, and I’m actually pretty happy with the Stock Launcher, other then a few customization options, like being able to move the tiles around, and have dynamic widgets on the home screen.

Just FYI: v1.1.0 will come with long-sought improvements to the launcher.

You can use any other launcher, though some extra internal apps might show up in those.


I’ve tried some but I haven’t found a good TV launcher, at least the free ones. The TV launcher I used in my previous projector is unsupported now so I decided not to use it anymore.

@PhilipsEngineering may we know what are the notable improvements to the launcher for v1.1.0? What would be great is to be able to rearrange them or have some folders because it gets too crowded when you have many apps. Having tabs/pages would be good too.

Quick-settings shortcuts
Frequently used apps bubbling to front
Newly installed apps marked as new
More battery details (% and time remaining)
Task management shortcut

Not immediately but planned for later.


Ok cool. The Stock one is quite good. I might try ATV Launcher because I already own it, and I like that it brings up some of the internal apps, like the android settings, anything else not needed I can Hide.

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