Alternative tripod - telescopic!

I don’t have my ppm but already looking at accessories.
I will use the ppm mostly mobile so a good tripod is on my shopping list.
I came across the Joby Telepod PRO.
(They have a non-pro version that takes a load of 325g. Good for a phone but not the ppm (at 850g))
HOWEVER the PRO version is sturdier and can take up to 1kg (DSLR +lens) this could work for the PPM
The telescopic part could let me put it anywhere on the floor when extended…
The telepod pro can be found nearly half price online…
Can also be multipurpose for other application (selfie stick etc)
What do you guys think?

looks good, I’d like to try out the one that comes with the PPM first.

If you’re going to use it out and about a lot then the ‘telescopic’ feature sounds good for you.

Alternatively look at light full sized tripods with a carry bag. They’re not too big or expensive and great for outdoor projecting.

Here’s an example of one (I did a very quick search, I’d suggest you check out more options if you want to get one)

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I am not very impressed with the included tripod. It’s better than nothing but it will be easy to find something better.

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Will it easy to fall if I project to the ceiling with this tripod?

I will use this small and good looking one:

Manfrotto PIXI Tischstativ (Mini Stataiv, für Compact System Kamera un Spiegellos bis 1Kg, Handgriff für Videos, MTPIXI-B) Manfrotto PIXI Tischstativ: Kamera

I’ve been using a gorilla pod because it lets me attach it to the headboard of various hotel beds.


What kind of gorillapod exactly? Thanks

It’s the 5K which I already had. The 3K would probably work fine but the small one probably isn’t strong enough to hold it. Depends on how your hanging it on something.

Ironically, the only one with fixed feat but still telescopic height is this one, originally for the nebula capsule…

The advantage on this one is that the height set on the telescopic part is secured by screwing mechanisms to avoid it unfolding due to the weight of the PPM. Only downfall is it’s price at $50 CAD :confused:

I use this one I had because it pretty much has any setup you’d ever need
GEEKOTO Tripod Camera, Tripod for DSLR, Compact 75’’ Aluminum Alloy Tripod with 360 Degree Ball Head, Professional Horizontal Tripod for Travel & Work

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I Can confirm that the included tripod is rubbish… Mine even came without 2 of the 3 rubber “soles”.
I just ordered this one:

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Thanks for the tip. Tried the 3k and works like a charm!

Dear @Philips_Support_N – the tripod which comes with the ppm is crap. I now have my ppm for about 2 weeks and the tripod you included frustrates me. It is so flimsy and unstable that it is almost impossible to get a straight picture which stays straight – as soon as I attach a cable (power supply or hdmi or usb or headphones) everything starts moving.
So: fuck this tripod very much. It is trash right out of the box and pollutes the planet. Just don’t produce something like that. Nobody will ever use it, nobody wants something like that and in contrary it will give you a bad reputation as everybody who gets this piece of crappy plastic thing will associate its low quality with the ppm itself. You lower the perceived quality of your products by including shitty things like the tripod you included with the otherwise okayish projector.
Thanks for your attention, I just had to vent this off …


Could not have said it better

The included tripod is definitely not great but I don’t know what you expected. Not every projector comes with one and if they do, most of the time they are basic ones. The tripod isn’t trash in my opinion. It’s just not flexible enough to be used many use cases. It’s far from unusable.

I think it is too flexible for the ppm. Sure, I can use it for smaller devices or as a door stopper – it is just not useful for the ppm. And I don’t have any other use for a tripod of this quality. If philipps wants to deliver high quality to us, their customers, they better get every detail right. Not just some of them.
And the quality I criticize has nothing to do with other brands or manufacturers. Philipps didn’t get this right, I don’t care what others deliver. The product I bought was sold to me with a tripod I could actually use with it – but it was not delivered that way. Either bring quality or don’t. Overpromising quality and underdelivering will turn out bad in the long run. The concept is used so much by marketing I am really starting to get allergic to it and it turned out to be the case here, too.
And yes, I know there are several other things Philipps fucked up with the ppm like the keystone correction or zoom when the signal comes from external sources. However I found workarounds for them somehow (like setting up the ppm in a position so it works – but I can’t because of the tripods low quality).
Do you understand my anger?


That tripod is £69 in the UK, ordered l!

Mate even so I have not received this projector, I absolutely feel you. With all the empty promises I’m actually worried when I finally get mine. I’m not one to hold back, and I will let rip if it’s not workable.

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Anyone settle on a good telescopic tripod that holds the PPM securely?

I got this and seems perfect for the size and weight of PPM. It’s a bit bigger and heavier than usual mini-tripod though but I guess it fits the size and weigh of PPM

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