Amazon Prime videos display pink/green pixels

I’ve recently started getting problems trying to play videos on Amazon Prime. Any film I play starts showing the images only in green and pink pixels. The audio works, and other apps such as bbc iplayer and Netflix work fine, it’s only the amazon prime app.

Any ideas what the cause for this could be and how to fix it? Stopping and starting the ppx used to fix this before, but in the last 2 weeks, that hasn’t helped in any way.


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I’ve recently updated to SW 1.2.1 and I experience a similar problem with VLC. The playback is mainly b&w with pink/green/blue spots. This even happens to video files which previously played fine.

The VLC one is super annoying. It only happens when using hardware accelerator which is sadly needed for smooth playback. @PhilipsNono when will this be fixed?!

Totally agree.
@PhilipsNono Is there a suggested solution to this annoying issue? Upgrade of VLC to version 3.3.2 did not help.