Ambilight Integration with Philips Hue Lamps

Is a Philips Hue integration planned?

Yes but „only“ to switch Hue devices on / off

We are checking with the HDMI device as well

@PhilipsNono what do you mean with “HDMI Device”? If you mean the Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box: When using this, the PPM don’t need to do anything with an Hue Bridge :wink:

I have organized such an “Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box” which can grep the Videocontent/color from an ingress HDMI Device and Forward then the signal 1:1 to the PPM. But this setup wont make any sense anymore (for me), since I cant Digital Zoom content which is plugin in to the PPM via HDMI …

Thats why I’m looking for to the PPM Hue AND the Hue (Ambilight) Entertainment API implementation into the PPM Android. With that in place I could integrate the Hue Bulps in the room (on an dimmed level off course) with “showing” colors from the actuall PPM Picture. With that you get en even imersive experience.

With regards to the earlier confirmed Hue Lights On/Off Feature directly from the PPM:

This is better than nothing but nothing very impressing :wink: Just an simple HTTP PUT for on an off based on Get Started – Philips Hue Developer Program

More interesting as would be the integration of the Hue entertainment API

“Hue Entertainment is an upgrade to the Hue system which makes it possible to play fast, synchronous light effects on Hue lights, e,g. to be able to synchronize it with games, movies and music.”

Hey Jan, yes the box does it all ahah. For the moment, let us resolves the remaining bugs and then we will start digging into Sonos and Philips Hue


I would to have the PPM to have Ambilight Intergration with Philips Hue Lamps as well. This would create a lovely viewing experience.


Want HUE lights to follow Audio or Video sync for play/game areas or is the PPM CPU to slow to handle it?

According to a Philips Hue Manager I had contact with, the SoC/CPU could be to slow for the Ambilight Entertainment API.

Let’s wait until the Philips ScreeNeo Devs have and get some Ressources to test :wink:

I finally received my PPM today and my initial tests with the FireTV Stick was surprisingly good:

I forgot that I am able to use the digital zoom in the FireTV Stick instead of the PPM :slight_smile:

Now it seems that my PPM + Hue HDMI Sync Box + FireTV Setup CAN be used with my normally „to small“ screen :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Bedroom (Will be extended to second bulb back right)

A software implementation would be great when using built/in Apps for playback!

But as CPU is limited in the PPM i asume the external sync box might be the only way to go or only way for external HDMI sources.

Let’s see what will happen with the PPM and what Philips/Screeneo might magically create with and for the HUE light products!

Hey Nono, is there any news about the integration with Hue?