"an extra one for the road" - canceled??!

Hi, I ordered “an extra one for the road” and the shipment was canceled according to DHL. What is going on?!?

Many backers in the latest batch shipments to the EU with tracking numbers from August or September have reported that DHL is showing their shipment as cancelled from their side. This is happening due to what DHL think is a no-show.

It’s somewhat like this: our forwarder booked a ticket but the passenger hasn’t shown up at the gate. So the airline declares the ticket cancelled. But once the passenger shows up at the gate with their ticket in their hand, they’re still transported regardless of what the airline said before, as they have a ticket that was paid for.

As we’ve explained many times before, including in our [FAQ] Tracking and Shipping #4, the shipments to the EU are shipped in bulk to a EU country, usually Belgium, where they clear customs and then are shipped to Germany for handover to DHL DE, who scan the labels and start the final legs of the shipments.

So in our case the tracking labels were booked so long ago, and the handoff to DHL DE not having happened in the normally allowed timespan, that DHL marks the shipment as cancelled (because why haven’t they gotten it handed over to them yet?). But our forwarder is still intent on delivering the goods to them, and as soon as they do, DHL will say “okay, we got the goods with these tracking labels, they’re paid for, so we’ll get them to the consignees now” and the tracking info goes live as soon as they scan the labels on the packages.

For this shipment there were additional documents requested by the Belgian customs authorities, which we were made aware of yesterday and provided to them today. So hopefully the goods will clear the Belgian customs tomorrow or so and be transported to Germany and handed over to DHL there.

So rest assured that the cancellation you see is not from our side nor does it mean you won’t be getting your projector. Your projector is still on its way to you and should be with you by next week if all goes accordingly.


Good to know, you could have Copy pasted this in an email to us forgotten ones

Dear Ivo,

Sorry to hijack this tread. Dear @PhilipsIvo But I am a bit desperate here. On the 15th of August I got the DHL shipping label. However, I am currently moving, to another country due to urgent work needs. I have reached out on several occasions but can’t make sense if the shipping address has been changed. The last e-mail I send to you was on the 23th of August. (Needs to go to the Netherlands instead of France).

Backer ID #21762

Could you please help me out with this? Many thanks!


Where is it NOW ? Dhl dropped the shipping. It’s been more than a full year now. At least answer my mails.

What is the ticket number?

23671 back from my faulty ppm was still in my hands. No idea what # i’m supposed to give you now that the replacement is in limbo

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CB796023755DE (is the shipping label)
Backer ID #21762

Please intervene asap on my behalf. The other details are in your DM (happy to send them again.

Many thanks,

Looks like my order will be delivered tomorrow at last…

Dear @PhilipsIvo seems my order got shipped anyway to the wrong address. I can’t seem to get a reply (2m) already. Really wished someone gave me a response saying it will be all fine. Not sure how to get support otherwise.

And another 2 weeks further. Zero reply. In the meantime still stuck with a picomax which has been shipped to the wrong address of which only philips can change it (which they said they would). How is it possible that you can’t get a decent reply within 8 weeks (flagged is well before that).