ANSI Color Lumens VS ANSI Lumens

Can someone explain what the difference is between “ANSI Color Lumens” and “ANSI Lumens”.
And 850 ANSI Color Lumens, how many ANSI Lumens is that?

They are both “measurements” taken more seriously by marketing.

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They are not connected through some formula. ANSI color lumens is used by Philips/Screeneo for all of its projectors to differ the ANSI lumens measurement because they believe the way ANSI lumens are measured doesn’t provide true feeling of how human eye sees the projected image from the new color LED projectors. As for what you want to know - an independent reviewer measured PPM to 780 ANSI lumens but all of his measurements give lower values than what producers give for their projectors so that doesn’t make the value of 850 ANSI color lumens any kind of not true or misleading. On my opinion seeing what PPM users are posting the projector is quite bright if this is what you would like to know.


Thank you for your detailed explanation. The videos that I have seen there, the picture indeed looks good.

Did you saw the comparision with LG PF50KA? The difference really is more than visible. I saw other comparisions but when I ask the people that made them turns out that PPM wasn’t at its brightest mode so the compare is useless.

No I did not. Where can I find the comparision with the LG PF50KA video?

Hope posting links here is not against the rules.

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Thank you! Your link is PPM related I therefore think that it is not a problem :slight_smile:
Hopefully there will be a color saturation fix for more natural image.

It should be in the 1.0.25 update that is promised for the next few days.

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There is. In the upcoming firmware update as far as I read the colors will be fixed. I wouldn’t be concerned for things like this - this is a software issue and is a major one so it will be tuned to its perfect - 1st it is possible (software so OTA update can be applied) and 2nd since its major PPM developers will do what they can on it.

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How much is the Ansi Color lumens (philips calculating method ) on other brand projector ?

I will post now the answer concerning ANSI and COLOR LUMENS


Did we get an answer to this?

Hey, you can find a lot of answers in the FAQ thread. Philips are trying to keep everything at one place so it’s easy to search.