App issues - Hulu and Fox Sports

Has anyone tried to download/use the Fox Sports app? Was hoping to use my new PPM for the big football game next weekend. However, when trying to open the Fox Sports app, it comes up like its trying to be in portrait mode - the Fox Sports logo is rotated counter clockwise 90 degrees - then closes and I’m back at the main PPM menu.

Also, when trying to open Hulu from the main menu, the Hulu logo comes up, then kicks me back to the PPM main menu. However, if I open it from within the Aptoide TV app (i.e. Your apps or whatever it is called in there), it opens fine.

Would someone be kind enough to try these two apps and see if they have the same results I got? I would certainly appreciate it!

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when using hulu on the ppx with the app, the stream picture quality is very low. any tips how to improve? its fine with yt netflix hbo etc. hulu on ipad also fine on the same wifi.