App not installed

Since a week or two I am no longer able to update apps. Updates are downloaded and the installation process appears to proceed, but in the end every installation returns the same ‘App not installed’ error message. I have updated the projector to the latest firmware and I have cleared the cache of the Apptoide, as suggested in another post. I have also tried uninstalling apps and installing them from scratch but that makes no difference. Has anybody else encountered this issue?

Thanks for approving my post! I think I’ve found the solution to the issue, which might be of interest to the tech team or other people who encounter this issue. Turns out the hard drive of the projector was full, but there’s no obvious way of seeing this. I cleared the cache through settings and manually deleted all movies and episodes that were still stored in apps (Prime, for example, doesn’t automatically delete after watching). I believe that did the trick because I was able to install HBO Max again.