Apparent hardware failure, no red in output

U4 appears to have some hardware-level failure as the output image no longer includes a red channel. I’ve factory reset it, changed to different color profiles, and verified the complete lack of a red component through adjusting component values in User color setting. No red.

This occurs from device boot, into menu screens.

We are having this issue, too. Any idea on how to resolve?

Ended up posting on the Indiegogo site, and then was contacted by with a support ticket to return the failed unit.

Same here. The problem showed up after a few weeks of use. Emailed Philips via Indiegogo, hope they will replace this one ASAP.

exact same here - how quick has Philips been in their response?

The support has been exceedingly poor, to say the least. At first, they asked for pictures for proof, then said they’d replace it.

After they got the pictures they went silent for a month. When I asked for an update, they said they lost the support ticket and would instead need video to prove that I wasn’t setting things up correctly, so I pointed out how the picture I’d sent showed the failed color channel specifically.

Then they magically found the pictures and the support ticket. Again, said they’d replace the unit after asking if I wanted a refund. That was two weeks ago, and they’ve been silent since then.

I’m assuming they’re too busy with their follow up campaign trying to get a new group of suckers to buy in…

Hi There,

Same issue here. Just following up if you received a response or refund since then.


Luckily my experience so far has been better. I sent an email to the email @shaunpeoples mentioned and they got back to me a day later. In my initial email I’d already sent along pictures of the issue but they also requested a video. After submitting this I received a return label with the request to return everything in the original box. I should be receiving a replacement device but haven’t received any details on this yet. It’s now been 5 days since my first report. No too disappointing.