Apple TV connected via HDMI screen size too big!

I have this problem, the main reason I bought the projector was for the digital zoom, I have the screen size just right - but as soon as a switch to HDMI (Apple TV) the screen is massive and I can’t use it. This is very disappointing. Is there any workaround???

Hi Jason, don’t you have underscan option directly in the Apple TV to reduce the size ?

No underscan option in video - only in airplay options, auto, on, off This is so frustrating, thank you for your reply, any ideas, happy to buy hardware if I can sort it out.

I have read some ideas on work-arounds about a gaming record device, would this work?

I must say I don’t know how, thanks jason

Hi @Jason unfortunately this feature only works for the internal Android system. For HDMI and usbc video Input it’s not possible, and we cannot fix it by software upgrade because it’s a hardware limitation. We are deeply sorry that this feature was left out inadvertently. We’ve been talking about this limitation on all channels for a while now. If this affects your desire to keep the projector, we suggest you to return it and get a full refund. Just let us know how you like to proceed, you may email with your request.

Thank you for getting back to me, it is such a shame as this is why a backed the campaign. I had an existing projector on a table near the wall. I wanted to free up the table and mount on a beam about 500mm further away - hence the digital zoom being the main feature working with my Apple TV. I love the product but the software is not great - Netflix and prime crash bbc iPlayer works but is not an easy interface. I don’t know what to do. I would like to keep the projector if there is a workaround- even if I have to by some hardware - perhaps cost to that would be helpful. I would just like it to work with Apple TV in the position I have it, I have already bought a mount for it and rewired the cables around my home… any help.

You gave me an idea that I would like to explore. Some sort of an external DIY attachment with lenses that gives you zoom and maybe even trapezium correction. Let me think about it and get back to you.


Thank you that’s the sort of thing! Yours hoping!,:smiley:

Love your enthusiasm @Philips_Support_P hope you can come up with something!

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Hi, I have two questions
Q1: what about the image quality from ATV thru PPM?
Q2: what if you use streaming that movie thru you iphone?

My intended use was for connecting ATV and/or using iPhone as “broadcaster / streaming device”
to watch Sports (TV subscription app on iPhone) and movies either direct from ATV if better quality vs
streaming with AirPlay.

If quality of PPM output (1080HP) not satisfactory this would be a serious consideration to ask for refund. Hope not for some 2020 Olympics on bigger screen would be nice and fun to watch I quess…

Hi @chat54, you can connect your ATV (Apple TV?) to PicoPix Max via HDMI without problems. A few features won’t work, please check: INFO: Limitations of features for HDMI and USB-C inputs, most other features like automatic up/down tilt correction, color settings, autofocus etc. will work fine or be carried over from internal android. The quality will be 1080p, although the more corrections you apply, the more it will be impacted. In general if you’re able to position the PicoPix in the middle of the wall, you’ll enjoy watching sports on it.

The image quality is fantastic thro’ HDMI Apple TV - that is why I want it to work with zoom and 4 corner keystone!

Still crossing my fingers that a solution can be found!

Could someone like this make a lens for us?

Thanks Phas,


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Any ideas?

Hi Jason, one of these contraptions will probably work, I need to dust out my physics books to design a simpler device with some science-store lenses. But I’m wondering if it’ll be a satisfactory solution since it’s so “DIY” :thinking:

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When using HDMI input

Are you able to display a non upscaled image as an option in settings?

Like if video input settings are set to 720p
Do you have the option to stretch it to 1080p and if not wanted keep it at original non stretched?

What options can be changed by settings/software using HDMI port?

I’ve voiced my concerns about this very same issue before… even asked about getting a refund via email but no one ever responded to me

That should in theory be possible in the V56 chip, but M* reeeeally isn’t keen on sharing any of their documentation (and Screeneo can’t share whatever they have). I’ve seen zoom modes in V56-based LCD TVs so it doesn’t seem impossible. But right now there are no settings that I’ve heard of.

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Hi @Alvin did you get at least an automatic reply confirming your email was received? If not, please contact again. You should always get at least an automatic email with a ticket number.

No ticket number just says “we’ve received your email” … that was on 1/9/2020… it’s already mid February … I’ve used the projector less than 2 hours because it doesn’t have the basic functions of being able to zoom in and out with hdmi… and I planned on using it with hdmi devices mainly but I can’t even do that because the wall I’m projecting to isn’t big enough