Apple TV connected via HDMI screen size too big!

Ok, please email — you’ll get a ticket number and your request will be handled promptly. But today the agents are already out of office, so tomorrow morning I think. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok will do, we’ll see if they actually respond and honor my request this time but thank you for your responses

I have the same problem, too bad we can’t setup the image using hdmi. On mine it doesn’t keep the settings for image correction from Android. If I setup the image and after that I switch to hdmi the image is too big and the angles very bad, I can’t even find a way to correct them.using the last update

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After leaving this topic for some time - I was hoping for a solution! To reiterate I want to use digital zoom with Apple TV hdmi input. I hardy use the projector because this is the feature I bought it for… jason