AppleTV own movies unable to play

Hi… just received the ppm max!! Upgraded to latest firmware very smoothly. Love the brightness, color and contrast. Netflix ran without any issue 1080p. But somehow AppleTV own paid movies not HD and very slow to load. Sometimes, with a Unable to load content dialog box came up.


I plugged back my old projector and appleTV movies can load and play. It failed again when I use ppm max to my appleTV. Why is that? Thanks

Anyone else have the same problem and solve it?

That’s strange!!

AppleTV 4K on HDMI? What settings do you have for Video & Audio and did you test the cable?
(Guess HDR is not supported on HDMI port and Audio might need to be set to Stereo…)


Hi. Issue was resolved. I think it’s a temporary bandwidth issue. So the movies are not able to load. It is working now. Just that because it was streamed from hdmi, there was no sound. Arrghh. Of course it can be resolved with direct Bluetooth connection to my speakers but it’s somewhat troublesome to disconnect/connect the Bluetooth speakers between projector and appleTV

But sound output format setting should be possible to change on the ATV, so that you can use the built in speakers or audio output jack on the PPM (Try Stereo maybe)

Same issue with PS4 and all HDMI items image needs to be perfectly lined up or I can’t adjust it. Absolute garbage as far as I’m concerned if this won’t work