Aptoide app store Breach

I am not sure how many people have read this news but is the Aptoide app store still safe to use on the PPM after this breach ? Is this something that Phillips needs to be concerned about? I haven’t got my device yet, but I’m worried to use that app store with my credentials @PhilipsEngineering

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You don’t really need to register to use the app so I don’t think it’s much of a big deal. And breach happens even to popular and bigger companies. Anyway, aptoide isn’t really good. There are better stores you can use :wink:

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Which better ones can you use on the PPM then ?

F-Droid - store for open-source android apps
Aurora Store - open-source alternative Play Store client
ApkPure - alternative source of APKs (Android apps)


or pick up the APK from a phone/tablet and upoad it to the PPM…

I received an email this week from Firefox Monitor advising my email address was found in a data breach at Aptoide, on 13 April 2020. This is the store preloaded onto the PPM where I registered to find more apps. Firefox reports that 20,000,000 accounts were exposed in the breach, so I’m not the only one. For more info from Firefox visit Firefox Monitor

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Thanks for informing us, @dencentral. We are evaluating internally if we need to take any action.

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@PhilipsEngineering I’m glad I created this post. Hopefully the matter gets resolved swiftly.