Aptoide search not working

Whenever I try to search in the Aptoide app I get an error after “typing” for more than ~10 seconds:

It seems we are having some problems on our side. Please try again later

The results show No results found for "null"

Sometimes the softkeyboard will go unresponsive, though if I type quick enough I can start a search. If the search includes one or more “tested for tv” apps, they will show for half a second (and if I am quick enough I can select one of those results), but then these results disappear and only non-tv app results are shown.

I have already tried clearing the data for the Aptoide app via the hidden menu.

Edit: this may have started happening after installing v1.1.03

I am having a similar issue. I cannot even open Aptoide. When I try, I get the same error message.

Is there a log I can check for more detailed errors?