Audio is not sync'd with the video

Hello @AGwd which video player option did you choose? Try the MX Player Pro, it should have zero lag.

… Thanks, Prashant. All I can remember was that it was the first option in the list. I’ll try MX Player Pro. From memory, I think this was the second option in the list. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Best wishes

This seems to be not an issue with audio delay entirely. Seems like a video playback issue to me.
As Prashant said, try MX Player Pro as it is one of the know app that plays video quite smoothly. Other one is Plex.

If still have audio sync issues in MX Player, try changing the sound rendering to software. you can do this by clicking the audio icon at the top right side while playing a video.

… I really appreciate your advice, thank you. I would not have known to try ‘software rendering’ for the sound, so I’ll be sure to try this. Great!

Best wishes, as always

is there already any solution for this issue? I spent past week to test different video players with no success. I have Synology NAS with 1080p movie library. I’ve never had any issue to play movies on my cell phone or pc (with internal or BT speaker). I tried to play movies via DS video, Kodi player or direct via MX player, VLC, NOVA video and many others still with the same result - the audio is out of sync, sometimes more or less so audio delay is not the solution. I also tried to play around with HW/SW decoder. Still nothing. It has to be definitely HW issue. I had no chance to test built in Media center as SMB doesn’t work here. If this is not fixed the projector is useless for me and I spent 500 bucks for nothing :confused:

overall PicpPix is very nice and we enjoy it every night.
Only one problem: using a bluetooth speaker sound and video is never in phase.
Sound comes about .5-1s befor the picure.
Anyway if I use airplay or internal apps. HDMI has it’s own speaker, no problem there.
Any hints?

I think I have the same problem. Doesn’t matter which player I will use (YouTube, Plex, others), there is always delay when bluetooth speaker is connected (for example: Bang & Olufsen M5). There is no delay on internal speaker.
Any solution?

Hi @ElvisZyje thanks for reporting the issue. Unfortunately this depends a lot on individual speakers/headphones. Most speakers support delay compensation well, the delay is estimated and compensated within a few seconds. But some speakers don’t support it well.

We have tested AirPods, AirPods Pro, Bose QC35, Anker, UE Boom, Amazon Echo speakers, and several other popular speakers.

We’ll test out B&O M5 as soon as possible.

@AGwd @Nuficek @Martin if you could please tell me your speaker or headphone models, we will try to test those too.

Hello Prashant

The bluetooth speaker I have been using is the Bose Mini SoundLink. I hope that this is helpful!

With best wishes

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Thank you for you reply. The weird think is that it’s not always. Just some videos have this sync issue. Btw I use Bose Soundlink Revolve.

Yep sure. I use a sodapop.

Same problem here,

Internal speakers make synced sound.

Not with my sonos move connected in bluetooth.

I met this issue with Netflix & mycanal.

Didnt tried with another app.

Did you ever get a reply about the sonos move? I can get it linked to bluetooth, but then there’s no sound. Do you have the same problem?

Philips, did you manage to find solution? it is really frustrating because I’m not able to use external speakers (I’ve tested few of them, all the time same result - 1-2seconds lag) and it doesn’t matter source of the video (stream, local server, SD card).

Which ones specifically?

Was just watching an old Star wars movie on an AVI format with a SSD usb connect drive. Did have connected to a Bluetooth speaker and was perfect for 45 mins, but they went majorly out of sync. Tried MX Player, VLC, Media Player, tried also with just internal speaker and removed the Bluetooth speaker. Turned off and on a number of times. Just wouldn’t go back into sync. Was out a good 10 seconds! What is the issue? :weary:

Did you try removing the batteries out of the remote?

No i didn’t but not sure what that would do? As it was out of sync even with audio through internal speakers. I even tried a little later copying the for to internal drive and still would not be in sync. Next test is to try the file when i get home in my tv to see if it’s that.

Same problem here,

Internal speakers are synced, but there is a delay once connected in bluetooth with my sound bar. (YAS 209). But there is something weird about it, the sound is synced at the beginning and start shifting progressively. This behavior apply for Netflix and Disney+ (the only two app I have tested). I’ll test Kodi and Amazon Prime later.

I also tried to pair an old Samsung DAF61 too, but there is no synced issue with it.

PS : I just buy the YAS209 for this purpose, should we expect a fix or is it better to return the sound bar and try to buy an other one?


we have tested several BT speakers in combination with various apps like Netflix, MX Player, VLC etc. I’ve personally tested the below:

  • Apple AirPods
  • Apple AirPods Pro
  • Amazon Echo Show
  • Samsung soundbar
  • Bose QuietComfort 35
  • Anker Soundcore

and our dev team has tested several others popular and off-brand speakers. In our experience there is no audio lag in the vast majority of cases – and if there is, it is auto-compensated within a few seconds.

If you experience audio lag, it could be due to:

  1. your specific speaker/headphone model having a large buffer size
  2. how noisy the 2.4GHz “environment” is in your location
  3. the AirMote

Every time we receive a report of Bluetooth audio issues - we try to purchase the specific model in question and test it. Please do report your Bluetooth speaker make and model for this purpose. We will try our best.