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Got my Picopix earlier in the week and have already mounted With a ceiling mount . Bought a 100 inch Tripod screen , but more than pleased with the way it works directly on the wall in the basement . Having a sound issue though ; Currently running audio with Bluetooth connection to a Sony sound bar with wireless sub and wireless rear speakers. Audio drops out now and then , which is very annoying . Wondering what people are using for wired connection to speaker. Sound bar has HDMI in , optical on and analog in . What’s my best option ?

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Anything that works from the headphones jack of the PPX should work for getting sound out of the PPX to a speaker.
HDMI and USB-C only provide video IN, nothing out.

Thanks for your prompt response . . So basically the only option for wired sound is a headphone cable ? I’m no sound engineer , But I don’t think the headphone cable is able to transmit 5.1 surround sound . Did Philips just forget the include an optical audio connection ?

Are you using WiFi at 2,4Ghz or 5GHz? IF you use 2,4 your drop-out issue may be due to that. Try 5GHz and see if it helps.


The USB-connector (blue one) on the Picpopix Max can output sound digitally.
But only to speakers that are compatible.
Almost all speakers with a USB-C connector are compatible.
Does your soundbar has a USB-C connector?

I have a bluetooth speaker with a USB-C connector and when I connect it with the blue USB connector on the Picopix Max I get sound out of my speaker.


Do mean USB A, as the USB C is video in only, yes?


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Thanks guys . My sound bar has optical in , hdmi in And headphone in . No usb a in . Any suggestions as to how I can connect to The usb a from the PPX . Will check the ghz of the connection too , I’ve got a google WiFi box right next to it , so should be running on 5 ghz.

Interesting, nice find didn’t know about this, but will it output 5.1 channels?

Not sure if something like this will work

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You would need something like this (USB to S/PDIF out), but I don’t know if it will work with the Picopix.


Not only the Picopix, but this also works on most Android phones with a USB-C port.
Also with Windows PC’s/Laptops, just connect the speaker (usb-c) to any USB port on your PC.
Also works with Apple products.

I think it can. You can find USB to 5.1 External Surround Sound Cards.
Don’t know if the Picopix outputs 5.1 via the USB.
You would need a 5.1 speaker system with USB-C, but I don’t know if they excist.


I’m no sound engineer either, but my personal solution is in my amplifier; it has Dolby Pro-Logic-II, which knows how to get 5.1 from a stereo input. Tried it with a Dolby demonstration on YouTube, which gave a nice 5.1 test round.


I have an older samsung home theater amplifier that has stereo input so I thought I would just use that. But honestly, I’m a bit disappointed with the audio quality, it sounds mushy compared to what I’m used to with the 5.1 audio going through an optical cable, even if I don’t use the rear speakers. What could be the reason? Maybe the DAC is not really good in the PPM?

I have simular issue with sound cutting off. Also with the headphone output. Imho, it is at silent phases of the media. Whispiring for example is almost missing the first few miliseconds. I think it is somehow a setting where the system decides to mute the audio due to a low audio volume in dB. Most likely to avoid sending noise to your speaker system or whatever you use. Perhaps this cutoff setting could be lowered?

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