Auto Wifi Connection Problem

Can we get wifi auto connection in the next update please???
It’s annoying when I have manually connect to my wifi every single time when I turn my projector on… literally all electronics automatically connect to wifi nowadays.

Huh? The WiFi automatically connects to the last network used, or any other saved network in your list.
Is this not your experience? I don’t even know if it’s possible to connect to a network in one-night-stand fashion, they’re always saved and used upon next boot.


My connect automatically !! Check your settings

No it doesn’t automatically connect. If I turn on my projector and go straight to YouTube or Netflix or anything else it will say “no internet connection”.
I have to go to Wifi and select my home wifi every single time!!! (without having to re-typing the password tho) but still very very annoying.

I am not stupid… there isn’t even a setting to switch off wifi auto-connection!!! So you are telling me you can just turn on your projector and go straight to YouTube or Netflix and it will work? Mine just say no internet connection…

I never said you are stupid, but my work fine i turn on my ppm and go straight to netflix or youtube and internet work just perfect sorry if yours doesnt no work bro

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Phil, yours is doing something different than what all others do and what it’s designed to do. I didn’t even know it was possible to not Auto-join a WiFi network on the PPX. So you’re not stupid and neither is Moisez, there’s just something else going on here that needs diagnosing.

Did you update the firmware since you got it, what firmware revision exactly are you on right now?

Hey, the same thing happened to me twice. Everything works fine and then one day it stops connecting automatically to the wifi and bluetooth and finally it blocks and you can’t connect it anymore. I reset and start over but it’s a bummer.
Is it possible to reset only the wifi/Bluetooth communication module?

I have this (with WiFi) too sometimes, but it also happens with my phone, so I’m thinking it’s a router problem.

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Hi Phil, it seems to me a DHCP issue most probably your router is involved,
I would suggest to configure your router in order to assign a fixed IP address to PPM. I would also suggest to install on a PC you may have “Fing Desktop” freeware application which can discover any issues on your network.


Over the last 4 days, I exchanged my router (KPN V10) for a new one. But still I experienced WiFi dropping randomly. I have only 3 or 4 neighbouring WiFi networks showing so it’s not a ‘crowdedness’-problem. However, I read some things and set my router’s 2,5 and 5Ghz bands to separate SSID-names and keys, (5 Ghz just for the PPM, the rest on 2,5 Ghz). The Netflix movie we just watched froze up twice anyway and could only be mended by restarting the projector. Would be nice to have this more stable!

Shall I make an appointment with you to come troubleshoot your unit for you, or something like that?

Have you tried using the PPX at someone else’s place yet?

Hi Ivo, I haven’t tried at somebody else’s place yet. (But you could count a new router as ‘someone else’s place’ maybe :-)) My router is just a few meters from the PPM, and in the same room.
About your other suggestion: I don’t experience the problem every time I use the PPM. So it would be a bit of a gamble to make an appointment, I think; because maybe there’s no problem to ‘see’ at that time (Last evening I watched Netflix the entire evening without any hickup.). Is there maybe a logging tool you can advise to collect some more info maybe?

I am on the latest firmware! I check for updates weekly.

It’s weird that my projector automatically connect to my main wifi when I am in my bedroom (where the router is located) but it won’t automatically connect to my wifi extension when I am in the living room. I thought it would automatically connect to the strongest wifi signal.