Autofocus. Does not work but can adjust

Has anyone had issues with autofocus?

Mine runs the camera tries to focus but it always comes out really blurry. I can manually adjust using the remote and it that will work okay.

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Hi, I have exactly the same issue. Already contacted support but didn‘t get any feedback so far. Neither hard reset or factory reset solved the issue

I had the same problem a few times, but it stopped when I cleaned the lens for the autofocus. The lens had become myopic.

Thank you, this was my first thought too, but didn‘t work. It seems like the projector doesn‘t even try to find the right focus. If I press the autofocus, it quickly focuses always to the same position in less then a second.

Ya I tried cleaning the lens too and still kinda focuses and then goes out of focus.

I did turn off auto focus when on though so if the projector is in the same spot I don’t have to play around with it.

I’ve same issue until I make a clean firmware update… First for all reset to factory settings, prior make update to latest firmware.


Great news. How did you do the clean FW install?

I wrote it in my previous post! :flushed:

Yes I see. But I already run the latest FW so how can I reinstall it?

I have everything installed and set up the way I like it so probably won’t factory reset the device as don’t want to have to look for a working version of Plex app and some of my other items.

Thanks for the solution though

Try to make only factory reset and after restart your device.

I remind everyone that we bought an object - at half its price - before it was launched on the market, therefore aware that there would be problems on the software front …

I have the same issue.
Since the last firmware update (1.3.0), when I press the Autofocus key, the process starts but the image is getting completely blurred then autofocus process blocked as it. To get a clear picture again, I need to readjust manaually the focus using left & right arrow keys.
I tried as suggested to reset to manufacturing settings but this did not resolve the issue.
I will contact Philipps support to understand if it is a hardware or software bug ?

Is not there any response or solution? I have the same problem. That last update ruined my autofocus. :angry:

Similar issue, but now there’s no manual focus to recorrect.

Same issue appeared like 2 weeks ago.

I got my projector around July / August 2021 (retail version, so still under warranty). At some point, without any update, autofocus completely stopped working. As I turn the projector on or press focus button on the remote, the focus goes completely off. Every time I have to manually adjust it.

Any idea what could be causing the trouble?

@Philips_Support_N is there any solution for this?

The support line absolutely sucks! the lady there is sooo arrogant, didn’t even bother to get into the issue, just said that a seller is responsible for warranty, which is not true according to Polish and EU laws. She started questioning me whether I am a lawyer… I called a polish number, but was transferred to Philips projection support.

I am really disappointed with both the projector and support:

  • The UI of the system and responsiveness is really bad
  • Although promised, not FW updates to make it better
  • While possible to manually update apps with APKs, it’s not possible with Netflix
  • So while I paid around $1,000 for the projector, in order to have a good experience with apps and responsiveness, I need to get a Xiaomi Stick for another $60-70
  • Because of very strange 4A/15V power requirement, provided brick is the only brick on the market that allows reaching max brightness of 800 nits
  • In regards to the above, Flash Pro: World's Fastest Powerbank Redesigned | Indiegogo this seems to be the only powerbank on the market that would provide power to support full brightness. And this powerbank is super expensive… So we pay premium price in order to get a “mobile” projector, while it’s difficult to utilize it’s pottential.

Other question - screeneo U4 seems to be extremely dark, only 400 nits. But it’s UST so placed closer to the wall. So how 400 nits in U4 can be compared to 800 nits in PPX 620 when placed 2-3 meters from the wall? Perceived brightness and contrast will be still lower on U4?

ohh - obviously a factory reset didn’t help

Same issue. Went on holidays, connected the projector, and suddenly autofocus stopped working. Completely blurry image when pressing the autofocus button. I still can adjust manually at this point.

Jus to let you know. I claimed a warranty through a retailer in Poland because of this issue.

They claim was accepted, I recieved a new PPX 620, but V2 VERSION!!

It’s not perfect, as I can’t get full brightness, but they changed a CPU and GPU. Now it’s much faster, snappy and mort importantly - it supports now HLG and HDR 10! Autoofucs is much fatser with some AI, but it’s not possible for now to adjust it manually.

In general, more improvements there.

Yet, now full brightness in the Presentation mode is an issue, waiting to hear from philips

Philips replaced my V1 projector. Kudos to customer service. I also got the V2 and things are working fine.

One strange thing though: The latest update to version 1.3.x is listed, but fails to download. Constantly. Claiming that there’s no Internet connection, yet everything else updates and downloads just fine. I wonder whether Philips has blocked the last update as many believed it caused the autofocus issue in the first place?

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