Autofocus stopped working suddenly, how should I do?

I forgot to add that manual autofocus doesn’t work either.
What can I do?

@PhilipsEngineering can you reproduce this issue with the new software? Our engineers didn’t modify anything there right?

My experience on this is that the first try to auto focus always fails then second try is usually successful. I noticed this around the latest update. Previously, auto focus mostly works on first try.

Finally, my autofocus works again!
I did not update anything.
I moved the PPM while it was on and the autofocus kicked in. Now it works again.
Don’t know if it was a coincidence.

Getting the same problem after latest update. Hear sound when pressing the AF button for one second but the graphic doesn’t move and screen is blurry. Luckily i can focus manually but its a pain as this should work.