Automatically activate auto-focus on startup

Hello everyone …

I recall that when I received my PPM, upon powering-up the first thing that the projector would do is perform a auto-focus routine. After two or so weeks of occasional use this has now stopped, so I need to force the projector to focus instead every time I use it. This change occurred before the recent software update, so that’s not the cause. I am not too sure what has happened.

In the first instance, can other people confirm if their PPM auto-focuses upon start-up, please?

Thank you in advance!

I confirm my PPM no longer auto-focuses on start-up. You have to move the projector, sometimes repeatedly, to trigger this function.

Thank you, Nic.

Although I know you can use the remote to focus the unit, it seems a bit counter-productive for the PPM not to focus upon start-up. For example, if it is on a tripod perfectly aligned to a screen and you have to move it in order to make the unit focus this will undo all your prep-work.

Maybe if others report non-focus at start-up it can become a software update.

Many thanks

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature™

The motion-detection was triggering autofocus and auto-keystone too frequently due to vibration (even internal vibration like the speakers). So the threshold was increased to prevent this.

On startup there was never any autofocus though, I suspect it triggered before due to the above ‘bug’. If you’ve already setup the projector in a fixed spot, refocusing shouldn’t be needed. If you’ve moved it, just press the autofocus button once. Or if you move it significantly. I think it’ll be annoying to a lot of users if the projector always autofocuses on startup, even when unnecessary. What do you think?

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On the other hand, if you have the PPM in a fixed location and fine tuned the focus for it, you may not want to have it automatically refocus at each startup, leading to loss of your fine-tuning. To press the button and have it focus if needed after moving is easy to do, pressing a button to prevent it from focusing at every single startup is undoable.


As the primary feature is portability, I had assumed that auto focus at start up would be the norm.

By “auto” focus I understand that it focuses automatically when you activate it. Not that it activates automatically!

But you know we have no problem changing the behaviour if that is what our customers want. Maybe put it to vote in Feature Suggestions?


If changed I’d hope that it would become a toggle. I for one wouldn’t want to have it automatically focus each time on startup when I can easily press a button if needed, but I can understand that others may want that.


If i can return to my earlier point here, the USP of the picopix Max is as a portable projector and change in focal distance with frequency is what necessitates an auto focus feature in the first place. A projector that is used fixed in one place has a different USP and auto focus does need to be such a high feature as changes in focal length would (by the nature of use )be a minor issue.
Whilst I accept a short button press is a small hardship, it simply makes sense to me that a portable system would assume it is likely to be starting up in different places each time.

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I completely understand and see your point, it’s a valid use case.

Yet even the most portable projector may have multiple start-ups between mayor moves. If I set up for a presentation in the morning and don’t always need it on, I might turn it off until I need it again, to save battery for instance. If every time I have to wait for the autofocus to finish first before I can fine tune if needed, that would seriously hinder me. Which is why I propose a toggle for “autofocus on startup”. That way both use cases can be served.

As @PhilipsEngineering said, post your idea in the Feature Suggestions section and others can vote for it. Include the toggle aspect and you’ll even get my vote! :grin:

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I moved it to the Feature Suggestions thread and modified the title.
Let’s vote, we’re happy to add a toggle option in the settings for “Automatically focus on startup” if people want it.


It’s funny because I always thought the projector triggers the auto-focus at boot up although I don’t see the focus pattern. I feel like the focus is always at decent focus at boot :sweat_smile:
But, I agree to have a toggle for this. I still might not enable it though but would be helpful for other people :smiley:

I voted for it, as I might myself be one of those people one day! :joy:
And a toggle is basically an option, it enriches the user experience without forcing it unto them.

Hello everyone

I am really appreciative of all the responses to this, and specifically to @PhilipsEngineering who has offered this as an opportunity to have the feature as a toggle. That would be a perfect solution. I’ve voted for it!

Thank you very much indeed


Focus has been an ongoing issue for me and it may just be that I don’t understand what to expect. The focus pattern seems to appear randomly and only briefly. I was not aware that there was an auto focus button and I don’t know where to look for it. Is there a users manual or reference sheet that I don’t have?

It should auto focus on its own. After all that’s what’s autofocus means

I would want it to autofocus on startup…I would start it only after i place it in a position I wany

Auto focus refers to the process of a device looking for proper focus by changing it and measuring the focus somehow until the proper, sharp focus has been achieved.

The trigger for this to happen is built into the PPM by means of movement detection. This might be too sensitive making the auto focus process trigger way too often and at unexpected moments.

Another way to trigger the auto focus is by pressing the middle of the lowest buttons on the included remote. After triggering it, you can fine tune it by using the volume up and down left and right arrow buttons while the focus pattern is still showing.

This thread was about automatically triggering the process at each start up, and whether to have this option as a toggle or not.

I hope I’ve answered your questions @jsheets, if not let me know.

It does, if you move it.

Anyway my vote for auto on starup