Backing another crowdfunding project - Supertank Pro

Just wanted to share another crowdfunding experience.

The Zendure Supertank Pro.

There were some negatives of backing another project like this similar to the PPM, so thats 2/2 for me, and ill now not be doing again. Couple of reasons for that.

  1. Shipping - nowhere near as horrendous as the PPM debarcle, but still terrible, even when considering the pandemic impact - couple of months delays, then it shipped, tracking number never updated, still says waiting for item… it was delivered yesterday! :frowning:

On the upside, Zendure had 50/50 comms and gave a $25 voucher as compensation. Good right? However the full reason behind that is the Supertank Pro has been seen available over the counter, cheaper! Than the original backing price AND with the same perks…

So that’s me done with crowdfunding cons.

Onto the positives!

Its a solid battery bank, the little information screen is very addictive! A bit like having a smart utility meter at home, you plug something in, only to see what wattage it’s drawing! :rofl: Geeek.

It works on the PPM, I’ve done no real testing to speak of, it was drawing about 35watt (unknown voltage, but presume 15v)

Will update as I use it more with the PPM