Battery appeared to expand

Hi @PhilipsIvo. Lately I noticed the center screw area for tripod stand seems to protrude outward. I can turn the unit around when it was placed on a flat surface. The side legs lifted from the ground. This raise the concern that the battery has expanded internally. Please advise. Thanks

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This seems to be exactly what happened to my PPM. How often do you use yours and do you mount it upside down?

No. I use it normally but always plugged in. Now I turn the power brick off when not in use. It’s always plugged in before because it’s designed to bypass the battery when it’s full.

I use it almost 5 hours daily

I do the same. It’s always plugged in. Now I wonder if battery bypass really works.

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Mine had the red/blue blinking light issue, which ended up with the battery bloating massively.

It is considered unsafe to use a LiPo battery once it’s bloated due to the fire risk.

I’m still waiting to hear back on my return. Submitted the RMA request months ago.

I informed philips regarding this issue and they are keeping it very quiet. No reply from them at all. This is highly unprofessional.

At least inform us how to get the battery replaced. I don’t mind paying if they can’t afford.

Or the very least, teach us how to bypass the battery totally for those of us using it at home.

@PhilipsIvo @PhilipsEngineering @PhilipsNono

Hi guys,

Can you find a way or formulate a plan for us to get our batteries replaced. Bloating suggest potential of fire hazard. We prefer to put out the ‘fire’ before any real issue happen.

Battery expanded may also suggest that your bypass is not working. Please revisit this and patch if necessary.


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I have been using my PPM almost every other day for couple of hours each since Feb 2020. When in use, I plug in the charging cable. When switched off, I disconnect the charging cable.

Recently, I discovered that my PPM has acquired a new skill - it can spin while balancing on the tripod screw underneath. Amazing.

Sigh … I am hesitant to send my PPM back to Philips for repairs in case it takes far too long or it goes “missing”.

How do we get the battery replaced ourselves? Any ideas?


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Thats why I’m asking to implement a stop charging function when connected, to avoid these kind of problems.

Battery charge limit to 80% to prolong battery life - PicoPix Max / Feature Suggestions - Philips Projection


Haha my Singaporean friend, My ppm has acquired same superpower, it can spin despite the two long legs by the sides.

Edit: on a more serious note, If you disconnect cable every time your ppm was switched off indicates a more serious issue: the battery quality itself may be an issue.

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I think this is a serious problem and should be addressed, Could this mean battery bypass doesn’t work? and if really doesn’t, then they should make sure it works. Otherwise, this projector’s life span is only 1 year and the bulb’s life time doesn’t mean anything :sweat_smile:

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Haha… this is sad lah… So this PPM’s battery indeed has a problem.

And yes, I do not keep the charging cable connected all the time. I only connect it to the PPM when I use it because without the charging cable, the PPM doesn’t give the full brightness that I like.

I am not confident that my PPM will come back within a reasonable timeframe if I send the PPM back to Philips for repairs. If it gets any worse, I might just take it apart and dismantle the battery altogether. Hope it still works without a battery.

Sigh :disappointed:

My replacement PPM is coming soon. Turnaround was around 3 months. Let us know how it goes if you decide to remove the battery. Maybe that’s a good and fast approach when it happens again to mine :sweat_smile:

@PhilipsEngineering , @PhilipsNono

Dear Philips, please address this battery expanded issue most urgently. We just wish to catch the ‘fire’ before it happens. Please formulate a plan for the battery to be replaced. Just inform us on the procedure, cost and timeframe. Otherwise, teach us how to bypass the battery physically.

Being silent is unwise.


I noticed the bloating issue a while ago but didn’t confirm it’s the battery. Now I do when seeing you guys experiencing the same. I put the ppx over the head of my bed. Now I feel scare it will explode one day while I sleep >.<
Oh no, Philips should address safety problem. It’s becoming a legal issue otherwise.

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Ya… the projector is over my head as well. Please Philips, do the professional thing and be proactive in this matter. As I mentioned earlier, we just want to avoid potential disaster from happening. I don’t want to sue you for millions and said I told you so.

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Yeah it is indeed very dangerous. Mine is literally inches away from my head in my previous setup. My projector has been replaced but since it’s still not confirmed to be fixed, I won’t be surprised it’ll happen again after some time.

I was fine with all the troubles with PPM since the start but lately, it has really been a disaster and makes me think that I won’t be getting a Philips/Screeneo projector again :sweat_smile:

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@PhilipsNono @PhilipsEngineering

We need to seriously look into this. My battery has expanded the ppx into a fat boy. I will sue if it exploded since I have given fair notice but nothing has been done. Even if a faint trace of smoke coming out of it. No response at all.

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What would you sue them for, exactly?

As per define by my lawyer if such incident do occur.