Battery appeared to expand

Maybe they can send a replacement battery and we will pay for them ?
I know I can just remove it and call it a day, but then it’s just another regular projector like any else.

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I asked for after-sales assistance, but to no avail … I was told that they could not provide me a replacement even for a fee, absurd !!!

After requesting the replacement of the battery - 5 months ago - I still haven’t received anything… Not even asking Santa Claus would I have waited so long in vain! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I removed the battery too…
now the projector power led is always blinking, but at least now the projector stays flat on a table, and there are no more cracking sound from the case during play…

Yes. After the expiry of the warranty, PHILLIPS do not care about their customers anymore. It’s ridiculous. I don’t even mind paying for service. Leaving their customers behind with zero support, I felt abandoned. After pico pix max, I am never going to buy anything branded with Phillips anymore. Phillips… You abandoned your customers, we will boycott you for life!

In March, it will be 2 years since I used my PPM every day, approximately 4-6 hours a day. Every time I turn off the projector, I pull it out of the electrical plug. A Li-ion battery is indeed a dangerous thing and you cannot rely on the battery management system 100%. When I turn on the projector and see that the battery is charged, I do not plug it into the mains, but I use the battery for a few hours and then I plug it into the mains. So my battery is not inflated and I hope it won’t be even after the warranty expires. If so, I’ll be in touch.

battery info :

I did the same thing. Just pray that the battery is the one issue you need to worry about. Recently my ppm failed to charge. I called PHILIPS for paid repair. Do you know what they say? “Sorry. Your ppm warranty has expired, so we can’t repair it. You can go to a 3rd party to repair it”. So, PHILIPS is saying I am on my own. PHILIPS abandons customers after the expiry of the warranty. Buyers beware. Now, I will never buy anything that has PHILIPS labeled on it.

Today, all such “toys” are made in China. Development is moving forward very quickly. So after two years, no one in China will produce for you, what was available two years ago. It would not be economically viable for them. Philips is just as helpless as the others. We have two options. Buy cheap things made in China, which often last for ten years or more (but if they break, you have to throw them away, or if it’s your hobby, you can fix it yourself), or start making everything in the Western world, but it will 10 times more expensive and it will also spoil.

Hello, this is not normal. We will check with our customer care team. THis is no an appropriate answer and we are sorry.

Hello Guys, if you have a problem with your PPM battery please reach out to us for an exchange.

Well… That’s the answer that I got. I called twice to Philips. Once to a local authorized Philips service center in Malaysia and was told since my warranty had expired, they can’t receive and repair my unit, even when I offered to pay for everything, including shipping. I then called the Hong Kong service center and got the same reply. They recommended I go to a 3rd party (who may not have the knowledge and genuine parts) to service my Philips brand projector. My faith in Philips is greatly affected. I practically grew up with the brand. It’s a household name and now this!!!

I have a “problem” with my PPM battery reported since last August, but no replacement from Philips at today!
It’s frustrating.

Hi - can you please confirm best way to reach out, my serial # etc. is listed in my profile which you should be able to see as admins. I have photos of dangerously bloated projector and have stopped using the unit as it is a fire and safety threat. PicoPix Max PPX 620

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Okay it’s just gotten worse - this is looking really unsafe and dangerous - Phillips please advise what to do. PicoPix Max PPX 620

Mine did not reach these “inhuman” conditions! :flushed:

considering the widespread nature of this and the serious fire risk this creates shouldn’t it be a product recall similar to what HP and apple have done

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Any update from Philips here? Clearly a safety issue, and I’ve heard nothing - this thing is unsafe

@Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_T - this is dangerous surely?

Hello - I received the same response, not good enough - this is a huge safety issue…