Battery does not charge / light stays blue

Hi there,

we just received our PPM and we’re really amazed! Unfortunately the PPM won’t charge. We tested several setups. Each setup tested when powered on and powered off. When powered on the LED stays blue, when powered off the LED stays off to.

thx for any help

Welcome to the forum! Congratulations on receiving your PPM!

Can you please check this thread USA charger died on first connection as I think it might be similar?


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Sounds similar but we can’t charge at all.

@Philips_Support_P can you please assist with this one?

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Make sure any adapter is at least 65w PD - MacBook adapters do not work FYI

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The USB-C cable that plugs in to the supplied power adapter may need to pushed in all the way.

When I first set up, I thought it was in all they way, but there was no power. In checking the connections, I heard and felt a little click when ensuring that the cable was properly attached to the power supply.


Thx again for your help. As mentioned before, we tried several setups to ensure neither cable nor power supply are defect. Cable “clicked” on both sides and power supply is the delivered PPM power supply. Nothing happens. No lights, no loading.

Please check the there are two USB-C slot behind the PPM. You have to slot in on the power slot, (right most side).

I hope this helps.

Thx. But did this obvious mistake just one time during all test setups.

Anything new on this? @Philips_Support_P

Hi when ppm gets fully charged does the light go off ?

No the light turns blue to indicate it is fully charged and no longer charging but the light never goes off

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