Battery draining so fast.

So Yesterday I received my replacement unit. While I don’t have the issues faced with the first one anymore, new ones showed up.

The battery drains so fast. When I opened it the first time, the battery was about 76% … I charged it fully overnight. The next morning it was only 96% ! Anyway, then I started it using it…and then the battery drops almost every minute. The remaining time is off.

I’m attaching the pictures:

Besides the remaining time being completely wrong, the battery drains so fast. I calculated it, it’s almost 0,8% per minute. The settings: Normal brightness and no app is in the background.

Anyway, I read somewhere in the forum that “calibrating” the battery can help. So, now I’ll will let it rest overnight (9 hours) while the battery is empty and charge it tomorrow morning.

Do you guys have any suggestions before contacting the support?



What brightness level do you have it on, Eco-Saver, Normal, or Presentation?


What colour settings are you doing - your colours are looking so much better than I have achieved so far in a dark room

Pictures can be deceiving, as the camera software taking them can also correct and calibrate the colors to look better / correct when viewed on yet another digital device.


I have a Problem with my unit and couldn’t find a solution that works for me in the forum:

My PPM never charges to 100% (98% at max.) Within the first 5 minutes after i unplug the charger the Battery goes down to 90% and keeps dropping very fast!! (brightness mode: “normal” , no apps opened, just showing the home screen! so actually not much energy should be needed) …

P.S: I have already tried the battery-calibration mentioned in he forum (drain battery, wait over night, charge full plus a couple more hours etc. ) … I have the latest Software-Update installed!

What is the solution to this Problem? Do I need a replacement unit? And would it even be better with a new one?

Please help

Isn’t it normal? 0,8 percents per minute leaves you with about 2 hours of playing time…Very good. What’s the problem?

I’ve not seen this option before. Where is the option to change brightness modes? Definitely I’ve been wanting to control

I had same issue after caliberation.It went to minus.ivoG suggested to reclaiberate by draining it out first in energy mode and leaving it overnight and then vcharging for about 3hrs next morning plus one hour…
it sorted out the negative issue though Im not really gettting 100% charge all the time…It stays at 98.

Some issues/////////

  1. Battery drains when off.If I see a higher reading before switching off after switching on later that is down. Left it at 24% and next morning 14%.
    one reason could be software issue because sometimes on a charge of 93% n higher it show time remaining 6hrs plus…
    another could be actually draining out.
    2)On normal mode I could see only three parts of dark 45x3=135mnts.
    started with 83% had to stop at 22% and time remainig 20mnts.didnt want it to go to zero because i always charge it when it reaches 15%

charged for some time again today…cant charge beyond 98%

Hi So I’m back ! I do realize that it’s been more than 20 days and we haven’t received any “official” answers from Philips.

I tried the battery recalibration at least three times by running the projector only on battery until it’s turned off. I charged it more than 12 hours. And when I turn it on. it’s 97%.

The battery is draining even when the projector is off which is insane.

Anyway, I’m sending a request for replacement.

Everybody gets 97 % when turning on. Nothing is wrong with your device on hardware level…It’s not a battery problem. It’s software. It can not measure the right battery percentage after you turn it on. How much time do you get on eco, normal and presentation mode from 97 percents to extinction ?

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It’s 2.5 hrs on normal mode