Battery Low Warning


I think it would be wise to give a warning (like a pop-up window or something) when the batteries are down to 10%. There is no visual of the battery level whilst watching something and the battery just goes poof! when it’s empty.


Prashant mentioned they are already working on this:)

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Need this too. It goes completely off all of a sudden

Please make it a subtle warning that won’t startle users or ruin watching. Raspberry pi has a small thunderbolt symbol on the upper right corner of the screen if the power supply is inadequate. Unmistakable but you can “look past it” without too much trouble if need be. Something similar with a batt percentage or time until shutdown at current power consumption would be awesome.


Oh good! I didn’t see this mentioned.

Yes, your suggestion is good - small indicator with percentage or time left. Hope Philips do not implement a pop up right in the centre of the screen. Thanks.

Yes. Hopefully they will include this on the next update. So far the unit is all good for me!

Not just battery low indicator, they should actually display remaining battery % always from 0 to 100 %.
Again i heard they have been working on it but not sure which update will include this.
As a workaround I was told about the app battery doctor on aptioide store. But it is not the best. The app appears only in tablet mode (horizontal) so it is difficult to read.

Really hoping that Philips comes with an update soon to display remaining battery percentage.

They are working on this feature, although i am not sure in which update it will be released. But it will definately be added in the future:)

Update: This has been implemented in 1.0.27, but based on beta tester feedback, needs adjustment to the UI.


Hello ,

Me again . Would be great also to have a warning before the battery is running out totally ( or how many % left while living the arrow during watching a movie and not only on home screen ) . The Ppm is switching off suddenly when watching a film .

It has a big warning at 15% but I agree that there should also be at 5%.


Thanks for the reply . Didn’t c that . . Must have been off to the toilets at that time !

Thx again

You won’t miss because you need to dismiss it unless it does goes away after some time or perhaps you are using HDMi/Type-C and I don’t think the warning is shown there.

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Yes u are right . I was using HDMI . Well shame it doesn’t show while using HDMI or USB. C then . Shame that’s doesn’t work for that too .

Thanks for your answer man .

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I think it’ll be useful to have some kind of a warning when the battery drops to a certain level.
It can be a minimal popup which won’t be distracting enough when watching stuffs.
Would be also better if a time remaining can be added in the popup based on the percentage left and current brightness mode.

As reference, my old projector gives a warning at the top when the battery drops to 15% and another one when it’s 5%. It’s very useful because I know when to plug it and won’t be surprised when the projector suddenly dies :slight_smile:

There is already another thread with this idea

Oh okay, sorry I forgot to search first before posting. I got too excited LOL


This has been implemented. Please follow the below thread for more details: Software Update v1.0.27 is available now

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