Battery not holding charge


When plugged into wall charger, my projector charging light blue and red but does not hold a charge when unplugged. I can use the projector when it is plugged in. Any suggestions???

Hello @tmac
are you using the original charger and original cable?
is the power adapter “good” for your national electric provider?

Yes I’m using the original charger and cable, and the projector battery does not retain a charge. It only works as long as it is plugged in for power.

OK, i’m sorry for you, my ppm works wondefully :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
i think you have a defective unit, i suggest to contact @PhilipsEngineering, give him more details, pictures and videos to justify your unit replacement and then send a replacement request, you will find more details here For those waiting for replacement units (or simply ask to Prasant).

Include details, pictures and videos as well. The good news is that they’ve just changed the return procedure to make it go better & faster.
Good luck!

Thank you. Will send my request in.

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