Battery percentage indicator

Sorry if this was suggested already - I searched the Feature Suggestions section and couldn’t find it, but it was posted under the pinned page for Feature Suggestions (so not a topic to vote on).

Just a charging/not charging icon on the main Home UI isn’t great - please display a percentage so I know how charged it is (or how much it is losing charge when using a slightly inadequate USB-C PD powerbank). Should include low power warning notifications etc.

How long have you had the projector for? Have you simply tried pushing the up arrow button on the remote to display the shortcuts menu?

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Yeah I’m aware you can do that - I was referring to a modification to the existing charging/not charging indicator at the top of the UI, next to the clock etc.
Just like you can have it on any Android device.

i.e. no key press required - it’s just visible on the UI.