Battery Status Notification

To prevent the battery from dying prematurely, the literature says we need to keep the battery levels between 20 - 80% capacity.

I propose we use something like Tasker on the Android OS of the PicoPix Max to monitor and send email alerts to your phone so that when either the charge falls below 20% or exceeds 80%, we can disconnect the charger.

Can this be done? Is the Android side of PicoMax active when the projector is in other input modes like HDMI Input?

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Even better would simply be an option to limit the max charge to a certain value (user-selectable, but something like 80% or even 90% would help extend the lifetime of the battery as you said). This could then be saved in the firmware and “enforced” by the pico pix max itself.

And then in the settings or the UI somewhere there could be a button that enables a “charge to 100% this time” mode, for when you know you will be using it portably and need maximum battery life.

I basically use the PicoPix Max predominantly at home plugged in, but bought it because I was really attracted to the idea of having the option to take it with me.

But I’d like to extend the battery life as long as I can, so having some built in options here to do so would be awesome.


Please vote for this feature here: Battery charge limit to 80% to prolong battery life