Best Set Up (Settings)

Just received my projector (eventually). I have updated to the latest firmware installed. So far I’m a bit underwhelmed with the quality of the picture. I’m projecting on to my wall at the moment.
What are the best settings people find are giving the best picture.
Do I have to re-calibrate / set up every time I use it. I will be watching a film/show and put it away again.
Just checked the 3D and it works.
Does it have to be exactly 90 degrees to the wall and square to the wall every time its used?
I have a cheap Apeman LC650 10980P and so far it gives a better picture for a fraction of the price.


@Kierano , how do you get 3D content to work on the U4?

Go in to Settings, second Tab down and turn on 3D. I was watching via USB, and clicked side by side. I have DLP 3D glasses which worked perfectly with the Screeneo.

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